• What Should I Wear?  The temperature is likely to change once in the air, so be prepared for some minor temperature change (up or down).  Sneakers or boots are also important because you’ll be standing in the basket, and may be walking in a field.
  • What about flight cancellations?  Flights can be canceled due to a variety of weather conditions, all based on the need for safe flights.  If the rally or the pilot feel that the conditions are not appropriate for flight, the flight will be canceled. If a flight is canceled, we’ll work with you to find another time during the rally, or will refund you entirely if you prefer. All cancellations are due to your safety; SAFETY is our #1 Priority!
  • How long does the flight last?  The duration of the flight can vary, but they last roughly an hour.  The strength, and direction of the wind, and the available landing areas all affect the pilot’s decision on when to land.  Pilot’s LOVE to fly, and want to stay aloft for at least an hour, but their decision to land any earlier than an hour reflects their commitment to your safety.
  • Are the pilots licensed?  Yes, all pilots taking paid passengers aboard are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as commercial pilots.
  • How old do you have to be to fly?  The rule of thumb is this:  You need to be 10 years or older, and able to see over the edge of the basket (42″), however your pilot will have final say so, determined prior to your flight.
  • Are there any passenger restrictions?  Flying in a balloon involves being at altitude, the joy and excitement of flight, and the occasional bounce at landing.  If you have any health concerns, or feel that you may not be fit enough for flight, it’s best not to fly. Any heart conditions or recent surgeries on your arms and legs should be discussed when booking the flight. We recommend that pregnant women get doctor’s approval before riding in a balloon.